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Winter wanderings


An arctic breeze blowing through brings the scent of bitter dreams

And memories better left entombed after time has come to leaf

And summer, spring have fallen past-but I will not move on

A vigil held quit vigilant, occurs before you’re gone



One shot wednesday


Rose tinted

There are seeds beneath the snow and

I think they may be roses

I always just suppose that

There is a brighter side

It just may be the frozen

Land has simply chosen

To out wait the cold erosion

Of Winter’s chilly pride

Then spring and summer sunning

The ice to warm and running

All warm and green and stunning

Awake to yellow skies

Then laughing are the roses

Who cold beneath the snow have

Germinated slow and

Give thanks to be alive



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The waitress


Seeking tranquility

And refuge from the cold

I order hot tea

Which is always Jasmine

The tiny Chinese waitress

Perches pot poised

On fingertips

Gracefully serves

Cold fingers reach

As she makes her exit

For steaming cup


I realize

Her fingers must be dead from scalding