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Things just aren’t what they used to be

What they used to be

No more

Strung gone numb got the best of me

And the rest of me

For sure

Ain’t worth time, don’t invest in me

I contest the plea

No more


I cannot!

I will not!

I’ll leave you alone…

It’s not in

My Nature,

No, I’m better known

For pushing

And pressing

Til I get my way

And I never

Will move on

Til I’ve had my say


I approximate some sort of conscience

Since I’ve decided who┬áI want to be

And I suppose I’m only disturbed since

I’ve dealt out divergence with ease

And diversions are all that I’m selling

Seem that’s all I’ve got down in my stock

Just pretend that it’s something compelling

And you’ll have all the buyers on lock

And locking from lies I need turn face

And gnashing what’s tight in my brain

No longer will will become misplaced

From divergence I need come restrained

So coming undone with the pressure

And the force of reality clear

I’m thinking what may be the best cure

Is to let go of wheel and not steer


two on waiting


Room for waiting

Crossing legs

And shift in seat

And shifting eyes

Before they meet

A brittle smile

A brush of hand

fractures poise

I move to stand

Falling face

what gives me pause

and melting heart

Gives way to dawn

A laying hand

upon a brow

Sweet searching eyes

Turn asking “how?”

Glass-sharp smile

reflects a gaze

A move to leave

a pause to stay

Ropes pulling chest

Not quite direct

Which direction

Should I move next

Gaze falls guarded

Protector wall

My choice is answered

And I answer call


Waiting game

Missing hands

And missing mouth

And missing laughter

Which I’m without

Withholding passion

And taking pause

Have come to impass

It’s come to draw

Cat’s gone cradle

No check to mate

It seems that waiting

Becomes my fate

I pass, your turning

You pause, you think

While endless waiting

Sends mind to brink

And minding details

I watch your hands

Ahead I’m thinking

My turns are planned