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Death & rebirth (on time)


The death of night is light, they say

The gentle birthing of the rising day

A tapestry of which the edge is frayed,

Just pull loose threads and it comes away

Then each thread again, through loom is played

And weaves in time, without delay

The prayer to grant this light a stay

But the hang-man comes, and night kills day


Edited a little phrasing on this piece. Didn’t quite like the flow of the last two lines. The meter was off & it ruined the effect of continuous flow (which it needed, since it’s about TIME).


three to get ready


Staring at at cobbing webs

That string themselves o’er my bed

I wonder at this coming dread

Of life I lived but in my head

Now coming down undone

A sweater draped on pillow stained

With tears that come against the strain

A body locked denying pain

The same old stance has come again

The demons having won


See I told you so gets old;

And being right cannot console

The pain one feels when being right

Means a sudden loss of light


The daily grind has ground me down,

Til focus come and spin me round

And brings me to a finer view

A closer look at things I do

And what the point, if I deny

That fault is mind on every side?

It makes no difference at the end of all

Trip or jump, what cause the fall.