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I am an amalgamation of all that come before me. I am both the ending and beginning of a real-life redemption story. I am not a fairy-tale or a parable containing lessons to be learned. I am a messiah of a mess on a mission-carrying respect waiting to be earned. This is MY turn. I will set fire to the words that have previously bound me. Bind my fists with the split ends of the definitions that surround me. I will make of myself everything and nothing that you have ever expected and then I will reject it. I will take the potential that you’ve weighed on me for which I never asked, and I will take its full enormity and shove it up your ass. See, I never break but I shatter-and the scattered pieces left to be placed, they never really mattered.




I will not relinquish . I will persevere.

I will not surrender what I hold dear

And when I am asked, I will speak quite clear;

This is the reason that I am here




Things just aren’t what they used to be

What they used to be

No more

Strung gone numb got the best of me

And the rest of me

For sure

Ain’t worth time, don’t invest in me

I contest the plea

No more


I cannot!

I will not!

I’ll leave you alone…

It’s not in

My Nature,

No, I’m better known

For pushing

And pressing

Til I get my way

And I never

Will move on

Til I’ve had my say


I approximate some sort of conscience

Since I’ve decided who I want to be

And I suppose I’m only disturbed since

I’ve dealt out divergence with ease

And diversions are all that I’m selling

Seem that’s all I’ve got down in my stock

Just pretend that it’s something compelling

And you’ll have all the buyers on lock

And locking from lies I need turn face

And gnashing what’s tight in my brain

No longer will will become misplaced

From divergence I need come restrained

So coming undone with the pressure

And the force of reality clear

I’m thinking what may be the best cure

Is to let go of wheel and not steer

three from this morning


  Whistle blown

Thistle down

Bristle boned

Missile thrown

Isn’t it funny how a moment

Changes all you’ve known?


Here there be treasure

Here there be curse

Love without measure

And demons, or worse

Here I am freeing

Or maybe I’m chaining

Consistent redeeming

Poised for refraining

Contradicting conundrum

I’m bookish and open

Quick spoke accustomed

To fixing what’s broken


Armed, I am ready

For battle or love

Land legs unsteady

The story consists of

A maiden who’s saving

The prince from the beast

Who heart’s blood’s engraving

Has action policed


Not nothing-Not me

You’re not nothing to no one,

You’re something to someone,

 who can’t be anything to you

And no, I don’t poke fun

But you’ve only been outdone

By the esteem you don’t hold in you

And If I could pry eyes

Hold down and make sight

Or some reason to counter your brain

You could surely be made wise

That it’s only a fool’s guise

But kindly, I’ll have to refrain

Words are just spoken

And I’m just as broken

And I cannot lay down hands

So here’s just a token

From one who’s outspoken

And perhaps just might understand

You are good in your own right

And I know you lack clear sight

But I have faith that someday you will see

So while lamenting your own plight

While screaming to dark night

Just remember that you still have me

pecking it out


Your deal

Is it cheating if I already knew the answer?

And I’m meeting the world baring teeth

And I’m playing at whether I should advance or

Just stay my hand or beat a retreat

My eyes may seem sweet and guileless

My pride in me is no source of shame

But in truth I can be almost pitiless

And the proof is in how well I can game

One shot wednesday


Rose tinted

There are seeds beneath the snow and

I think they may be roses

I always just suppose that

There is a brighter side

It just may be the frozen

Land has simply chosen

To out wait the cold erosion

Of Winter’s chilly pride

Then spring and summer sunning

The ice to warm and running

All warm and green and stunning

Awake to yellow skies

Then laughing are the roses

Who cold beneath the snow have

Germinated slow and

Give thanks to be alive



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