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Snap out of it


Oh man, this is bizzaro land. A three foot distance I keep my stand. Emotive resistance to thoughts at hand and I’m climbing the walls with expression bland. I can handle this trip, just gotta stick to plan. If only I had come up with it, and now I’ve no idea and I’m stuck with it. Who’da thought I’d be fucked with one quick click. Man, this is some fucked up shit. Just deal with it, and move on. Smile broad like nothing’s wrong and let it loose when they’re all gone. C’mon, you’ve got it going on and you’ve been gone a long time. You’ve moved it on, and it’s all fine.  There’s no chase or hearts on line, so keep your pace and draw your line. Down the side of memory’s time and please divide… And make them fall, c`mon girl, it’s your call. You know they need to go. and you know it goes to show, the product of a heart-side sewn and overgrown with wistful tones. Avoidance brought this to your door, so deal before it walks cross floor and floors you til you can’t ignore the elephant in view. It’s right in front of you. reject it, but it’s true. So what you gonna do, you fool? Go back to hiding out? Is that what you’re all about? You run when it gets tough, and pray they never seek. Man, that’s twisted and it’s weak. Is this the girl that always speaks her mind, and lives with pride, and laughs out loud and in your face? Isn’t there a trace-of that lovely woman you’ve become that loved the battle and always won and wondered at the chance of fate? Now let it go and get it straight.




It was foolish to think I could make it

Just a lie to my eyes wrapped in wool

For every step that I’ve gained there’s two taken

And I’m learning that life is too cruel

To give you a smile without blood loss

Or a haunting of memory’s refrain

A step forward without coming a steep cost

A heart wash-worn and covered in stains


Chase me down and pull my hair

And pull a punch, see I’m not scared

I’ll blind your sides to light

You’ll never catch me unprepared

Whether called to truth or dare

I’m the type that they call rare,

Always raring for a fight

But fight’s not fit for finer things

And I’ve run to ground the hope that brings

A whisper of a heart that sings

A dawning to my life

that would break these cobweb strings

Then eyesight light across would ring

But instead this darkness stings

But I at least was right

finally some poetry


I’m mounting like Vesuvius

And the only living proof is this

Shattered focused catalyst

And the will to battle this

Rotten self of nemisis


Be still

Be still a moment

Be still my heart

Be still, go dormant

-do not yet go fly apart

Apart-this threading

Cold needles pine

Be still, stop shedding

-Ignore heart gone wearing fine


she stands like she’s guarding a secret

But she’s really just guarding her heart

In hopes she’ll be able to keep that

Tender organ from falling apart

She hedges and shines you a smile

If you query as to why she’s so stiff

Working with feminine wiles

In hopes your attention should shift

And shifting from one foot to other

You’ve lost her to staring in space

So nervous, it seems she should hover,

Set time in a back and forth pace

And time comes, she’ll get up and leave you

Without so much as a back-tilting glance

Letting loose from what she once cleaved to

Indifferently setting her life down to chance

Sick and tired


gone low

Sometimes I get tired of me

Run out of reserved energy

Tired of the fighting inside

Want to break free of me, just hide

But I’m always dogging my heels

And the running just fully reveals

I like me much less than I say,

Never give me the silence I crave

Always filling my mind up with rot

What is it, this sickness I’ve got?

Talking me down up to me

When I really need room just to breath

Get thee behind me, myself

I’m tired of living your hell


block broke


On the bough, and falling soon

On my break, and stalling gloom

On the edge and edging back

Forget I said-I’m hedging track

And hedging bets, and bits and fluff

And I never ger-NO… it’s enough

So contradict myself and cull

The words that stick to my outer hull


Ethereal like Ether

It’s a trick

It’s a trade

It’s so slick

What I’ve made

Can you see

Through the mask

Can you breath

It in like gas

That hits the lungs

Filters blood

Steam-steeped stung

Like leaching blood

Ether fogged

Felled the brain


The crushing pain


down for counting

Dipping, swinging, sighing

Inside of me I’m dying

I coulda been left flying

But I’ve no wings at all

And swinging, sweeping, screaming

But silently, I’m meaning

Awake the awful dreaming

Before you hit the fall

And draining, dreaming daisies

Poor girl, she know’s she’s crazy

Will nobody try to save me?

But I’m really just afraid

Life lacks love and luster

And I pull away and up and muster

Enough to say-DON’T TRUST HER!

She’s not herself today