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Science Vs Nature (For Chris)


The nature of science

The mother of man in a speck

A carbon collision; a wreck

And explosion, an implosion-or faith?

The creation of all human race

REvising, rewriting the days

Has become an obsession, a craze

So crazy, on what we would dwell

The which we live in-a shell

Or a womb within which we dwell

Building to birth to unknown

Then cracked wide to sky we would search

looking to stardust, we query our birth

The nature of man is to ask

The nature of time-is to pass

And historians all will just pen

While men in white lab coats conduct us again


Billions and billions and billions

And yet we are only just here

Yet we push to always be searching

answering what?-that question’s unclear

Just carbon based atom filled lifeforms

looking to self, Earth and sky

Some smartly asking and telling us all “how”

Some smarter, just asking us “why?”