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It’s only natural

Climbing up a willow tree

The girl, she slipped and skinned her knee

And smiling at the errant scrape

She swung her down and through path traipsed

Caught shining through the autumn sun

Her heart has flashed to what you’ve won

With smiling at-so tenderly

Her skirted form up in the tree

With not a judging face to show

Fostering affection grown

Another day, on picnic dine

Watching infant spiders fly

Laughing at their silken course

Her swelling heart drove in full force

And later on, she showed you how

To dance upon the swaying bough

And happy you should follow there

She-tucking flowers in your hair

Hid her heart among the curls

And that is how you wooed this girl


and now for two COMEPLETELY different


I open it


Checking first

That no one sees

I open it

A sigh escapes

I stare

At half mast eyes

And lips tossed wide


I’ve opened it

and I’ve opened me

I close my eyes



Again and again and again

Chalk it up to one less friend

Over and over and over, I’m sure

There’s gotta be some untest cure

It’s getting to point where I don’t feel it funny

They stick on my skin like flies to sweet honey

After everything I just heard them say…

I feel like I need to go bathe.

One stop photo prompt, photo by Katherine Forbes (yes, all three came from the photo)


In my mind I see

The sweet corners of your mouth

Turned upward

A light flash in your eyes

A tilting of chin slight forward


A smile that belongs to me


Knock bottles and boots back in summer

A sweet sweat flavor of kiss

A field dance in hot humid weather

Summer love always tastes the best


I remember his hands best

Fingerprints on my skin




On a place that he once had been

His eyes burned a shadow

on my joy

He’s the one taught my heart fear


Orange Popsicle stained

Cold kisses

And the scent of him filling the air

Young love

Feels like summer remembered

Hot asphalt

Stinging our feet

And the running that brings hearts out thumping

And a hand

Pressed to chest

Calming the out-rhythm beat



This Sunday’s photo brought a whole lot to mind, love both new and old went ringing through my head and heart, and I was thrown into the writing full force.

click on the link to see the photo what inspired these writings, and to check out all the other fabulous poets on OneStopPoetry!


Thread bare hanging


I am a bitter graceful wreck

I smiled at the noose tied loosely round my neck

So you kicked the chair and let it fly

And watched the joy bleed freely from my eyes

How can you say it’s better after all

Love’s lost conquered death upon this fall

Went trading lies and trading rings

And gave them back for brighter things

And now I’m here, and I’m hanging

And now I’m here, I’m just hanging

Hanging by a thread

So now I’m coldly left to ponder

Inert with listless love-dreams squandered

And I turn cheek towards your cold lips

A subtle mockery, take just one last kiss

Before you leave and let me dangle

Heavens hard to see from this angle

And I’m just here, and I’m hanging

Just left me here, with me hanging

Hanging by a thread