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A little morbid


Broken cycle

Hollow tones are singing

Making sound of hallowed ground

And in my ears what’s ringing

Is the wrongness that I’ve found

For underfoot are boxes

Filled with what should be returned

Under lids with locks and

Removed from cycle earned

I feel my heart is breaking

As it pounds against my breast

Surrounds me-life forsaken

Dusty treasures, concrete chests

My bones can feel the wrongness,

Such a cold and bitter ache

This knowing that’s been long stressed

The circle’s set to break

Death’s to me no ending

There’s life among the bones

Flesh is fodder pending

Return to earthly home

Upsets me not, such feeding

Or breeding on the shell

When time has come for leaving

The form in which I’ve dwelled

Disturbing more-entombment

To rot alone-true death

Not musky new enwombment

For smaller creatures breath

This septic space I’m walking

Cries for breaking ground

The dead to me are talking

From under weighty bounds

I wish I could release them

Stir bones to fertile earth

But flesh un-rot’s been poisoned

And return would make it worse




fucking birds


Birds birds birds

It seems I am always a bird

Whatever is written,

That’s what is heard,

Just birds, birds, birds.

Maybe they see myself flying?

Maybe they hear my voice sing?

Maybe they see me as broken?

Ground-bound and flopping and nursing a wing.

But Birds birds birds

Whatever be written

It’s always just birds

Tiny birds, birds, birds.

Sometimes in gilt-wrought out cages

Sometimes they’re soaring above

Sometimes they write out their rages

And others it’s tender and painful in love.

But still birds birds birds

Whatever is written

That’s all that is heard

Stupid birds, birds, birds.

But I’m not dumb-covered in feathers

And I’m not so tiny and frail

Don’t tell me it’s you I can’t weather

Cause warnings like that have old-gotten stale