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just the one today


Pageant smile

A wry line drawn

Diagonal downside face

Eyes tight gone

A stitch between brows placed

A move begun, withdrawn

Graceful bowing out of race

Then bored, affect a yawn

and a case of sour grapes



One stop Wednesday contribution


Hung by words

Beyond the scope of reason

I’m hung by rope of treason

A judgment on what’s right (or wrong)

Or harvested out-of-season

Divest me of my chainings

It’s no use to me restraining

The plump-red mouth that sings a song

In lieu of cold complaining


Written for OneStopPoetry !!! Click on the link to read the latest interview, check out the other poets or maybe contribute yourself!! (go on, you know you wanna)

The waitress


Seeking tranquility

And refuge from the cold

I order hot tea

Which is always Jasmine

The tiny Chinese waitress

Perches pot poised

On fingertips

Gracefully serves

Cold fingers reach

As she makes her exit

For steaming cup


I realize

Her fingers must be dead from scalding