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Here for the show. (One Stop Photo Prompt)


Copy right Mike Roemer










You smile,

They stare.

Don’t you know?

Or don’t you care?

You’re just here

For a drink and smoke.

Never mind

Freud’s sweet joke.

But better yet,

I think you know…

The way you lips

Curl as you blow.

Pleasure poised

And pursed and pressed,

Just let their minds

Do all the rest.

Clothed in gold

And cocked just right…

Now who’s first to buy

Your drink tonight?

One Shoot Sunday prompt from OneStopPoetry… This week’s a goody. Check out the other great poets… You will NOT be disappointed… But you may end up all hot and bothered…



In passing


This is the moment

The one I’d so long hoped for

It comes

and goes

With only my stuttered breath to mark it’s passing

And It’s gone

And I wait

Til the next passed opportunity

Gives me chance to mark my days

Isn’t it good to be?



Right here

Is where you touch me

Where no human hand could ever reach

My core

My Soul

Testing convictions

Taunting and flaunting against my judgment

And I smile against my need

And drive me further in

To taste your mind

And sip from lips

so wryly set to grin


Milk and honeyed words

Lay soft against my tongue

And do you not yet leave me

The night is still fresh young

I say with no conviction

As I can hear the birds

Sing songs against my window

Herald awakenings to the world

Upon me it’s been dawning

How full my heart can be

As both my mouths are yawning

One with sleep and one with need