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Winter whispers to these blisters

That I’ve worn into my skin

Pressing pencils, move prehensile

While I’m pouring out within

Deftly prying ice from sides and

Stretching out where I begin

Removed the blinds from sides of eyes

Attack in mind the white page spin


What has this world been coming to?

Childhood soldiers with no socks or shoes

Staring down the cameras, guns pointed at you

Nobody is safe when all the faith’s in fools

Manipulate the media until the lies make truth

Make the trip go easier

Let Expedia

Plan it for you





I’d trip to you like roses

A scent that catches air

Fall wind and travel miles

To catch you as you stare

I imagine at a cold screen

Or a slightly warmer book

Could I would quite change that

And turn to me that look

Oh as you’re glance came focused

I’d take you by surprise

I’d kiss your mouth quite sweetly,

I’d trap you with my eyes

And trap turn trapping trapper,

I’m sure I’d quickly freeze

And filled with sudden weakness

Come falling to my knees

I rest assured you’d catch me

And pull me to your chest

You’d ease this uneasy ache

That quakes within my breast



You touch your lips in remembered kiss

A bitter burning in your chest

A thought unbidden you cannot resist

Just look at me now; who loves you best

And sweet lay me down as you rise above

A shake to your arm as you hold aloft

A touch to my face like wings of a dove

A melting in me that makes my heart soft

Oh I’m falling apart, unbecoming it’s true

And as the swell breaks I’m coming to you

Now I touch my mouth to remember your lips

I shift in my soul in a move of unrest

A quickening yearning that will not desist

Just look at me now; who loves you best

I need some help with the meter on the last line


mi corazón, que tiene dos caras

Take care, for one is turned to you

y el anhelo de los gustos como las flores

And I’m full caught in scent of the bloom

Es como que estoy contando estrellas

The bright ones that are caught in your eyes

Quiero hacer el amor con mis palabras

So for you I will  write sweet lullabies

(back story) I have an ex-girlfriend who used to speak in Spanish when she really wanted to be romantic. It’s a romantic language that just sounds like it was made for love-talk… My grammar probably really stinks, as it’s been years since I’ve had need for using the language… but I thought it would be fun to play with it in poetry. This is my first, very clumsy attempt… And for any who are native to the Spanish tongue… I apologize for butchering your language.

Another sleepless night for me


Warrior, Poet, Lover

Anyone can know me,

I’m written out right here

Come on in and read me

Revile and revere

This twisted little pixie

This vapid vapor dream

Read quick or you might miss me

-I rise above like steam

And steaming teaming loudly

I cry out loud for you

I bear my wounds quite proudly

Like warriors often do

See this one comes from loving

And this, and that one too

And I feel the next one coming

And that one comes for you


Written tears

I don’t wanna sleep

Don’t wanna dream

I cannot quite keep

Together at seams

I wanna go run

Or break down and cry

Turn face to the sun

Or take up and fly

But the night is too cold

My children asleep

So I write untold

Secrets and weep



I want to speak quite plainly

Give voice to what I must say

I want you to come out and reach me

I want-to do the same

I cannot speak more plainly

Than what’s given here to rise

For wants and needs won’t save me

As they’re so often left denied