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Struck (OneShotWednesday contribution)


Ok, I know this is a lot to take in, but these were all written in the span of an hour, share a theme and I’m not splitting them up!

Pricking pins of raindrops

Gone glass `gainst galling wind

Slicing life inoculates

Drilling deep in battered skin

Joyously I greet each

And every piercing shard

Sometimes what we need does hurt

And this is life’s reward

See, loving land as such I do,

I cannot curse the rain

In feeding life I love so much

It makes small of pricking pains


Churning, melting, thrusting

Engulfing Ivory stems

Splashing knees quite brownly

Singing life with silent hymns

Sticking, sucking, stinging

Pink toes with icy melt

Barefoot run, I’m blessing

The earth which spring has dealt


The first from earth!

Oh purple birth;

Queen Crocus peeps her head

She calls to Spring;

Awaken please,

And rise from Winter’s bed


I do not make church of a building

Have no “god” that has sentience known

But do not believe I don’t worship-

My soul is not walking alone

I tread on my source of “religion”

Or as close as I care to come

The passing of earth has no judgment

And I am a church of just one


Mother unmaiden becoming

So fruitful, so painfully spread

A mirror to months gone position

Of sowing what came in same bed


In trusting me to my hands

I’ve entrusted life to live

And living in my own right

I’ve found I’ve more to give

And founding my foundation

From self to set me whole

I’ve wholly set before myself

The path to reach my goal


Writing in the raining

Smearing ink and weaving words

I’m patterned by the dropping

Pattered meter that I’ve heard

And pitching me to passion

I poise my pen for write

Then cloud-drop dripping drops and

Upon my nose alights

Then lit to light, I’m laughing

-It all seems so absurd

That I could take the water sounds

And mold them into words

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On the wind (OneShotWednesday)


Early spring is dawning

In the early morning

I can taste the Spring

Come waking slowly

Under Winter’s wing

Come shedding cowl

Snow’s mantle warms

Earth pushing upward

Young crocus forms

And greenly spiking

They speak of birth

Herald awakenings

-Good morning earth!

Good night old winter,

You’ve come to pass

Releasing bindings

Life’s come at last.

Submitted to OneStopPoetry for their One Shot Wednesday. Click on the link to to enjoy other fine poets (the implication there is that I’m a fine poet, too… like how I did that?) or maybe submit something of your own.

surreality (one stop contribution)



Photo by Sean McCormick










I’m ten feet flying and I think I may be dying from sound

I’m fleeing to the air but I’m never even leaving the ground

And I think you may be laughing, but you never really pass on a joke

And passing on a passion, from memory I’ll fashion a yoke

So do unto me

And I will show you mine

Why can’t it be

Another little never mind

I am fleet foot sighing and I think I may be going to ground

Coulda been sweet sailing but I always had my failings abound

Now I’m done down drowning and I’m crowning in my own fragility

The sky is open maelstrom, beckoning the welcome to surreality


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Here for the show. (One Stop Photo Prompt)


Copy right Mike Roemer










You smile,

They stare.

Don’t you know?

Or don’t you care?

You’re just here

For a drink and smoke.

Never mind

Freud’s sweet joke.

But better yet,

I think you know…

The way you lips

Curl as you blow.

Pleasure poised

And pursed and pressed,

Just let their minds

Do all the rest.

Clothed in gold

And cocked just right…

Now who’s first to buy

Your drink tonight?

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Mama played Rock n Roll


So long ago

-Well not so long

But it was

When I was very young

I’d sit on stool

At a bar

Drinking cherry coke

-And suck my thumb

And mom would sing

And Jim would play

Power chords

On his red guitar

She still wails

From the past

And the band

I knew them all

Uncles and brothers

To the last

Dollars in

The saxiphone

Waiting for my eager hands

Morty played

Upon the drums

And gave to us

A Christmas once

When times were hard

They were there

Family made not from blood

But from notes and

Rhythm sounds

I’d fall asleep

In a booth

Sweaty vinyl sticking cheeks

In innocence

I was formed

In the shape of Old-Rock dreams

This piece was inspired by Joe Satriani’s “always with me, always with you” care of OneStopPoetry. To hear the music, or check out other pieces inspired by it, why not click on the link and check them out?