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ok… I can get a little preachy.



Threading time and sewing deeds

And sowing love like stocking seeds

Soon filling coffers up with life

Isn’t working wonders nice?

Every day you move from ground

And inside every action bound

Is that speck, electric spark

The separates the light from dark

What nurtures nature, trancends all time

And brings a wider view to mind

And seeing course across the blood

Doing those who’ll carry good

Inside of veins, your flesh’s kin

Across all time, on globe we spin

Just this one we have to share

For future life… Just please.

Take care.




It’s only natural

Climbing up a willow tree

The girl, she slipped and skinned her knee

And smiling at the errant scrape

She swung her down and through path traipsed

Caught shining through the autumn sun

Her heart has flashed to what you’ve won

With smiling at-so tenderly

Her skirted form up in the tree

With not a judging face to show

Fostering affection grown

Another day, on picnic dine

Watching infant spiders fly

Laughing at their silken course

Her swelling heart drove in full force

And later on, she showed you how

To dance upon the swaying bough

And happy you should follow there

She-tucking flowers in your hair

Hid her heart among the curls

And that is how you wooed this girl

Struck (OneShotWednesday contribution)


Ok, I know this is a lot to take in, but these were all written in the span of an hour, share a theme and I’m not splitting them up!

Pricking pins of raindrops

Gone glass `gainst galling wind

Slicing life inoculates

Drilling deep in battered skin

Joyously I greet each

And every piercing shard

Sometimes what we need does hurt

And this is life’s reward

See, loving land as such I do,

I cannot curse the rain

In feeding life I love so much

It makes small of pricking pains


Churning, melting, thrusting

Engulfing Ivory stems

Splashing knees quite brownly

Singing life with silent hymns

Sticking, sucking, stinging

Pink toes with icy melt

Barefoot run, I’m blessing

The earth which spring has dealt


The first from earth!

Oh purple birth;

Queen Crocus peeps her head

She calls to Spring;

Awaken please,

And rise from Winter’s bed


I do not make church of a building

Have no “god” that has sentience known

But do not believe I don’t worship-

My soul is not walking alone

I tread on my source of “religion”

Or as close as I care to come

The passing of earth has no judgment

And I am a church of just one


Mother unmaiden becoming

So fruitful, so painfully spread

A mirror to months gone position

Of sowing what came in same bed


In trusting me to my hands

I’ve entrusted life to live

And living in my own right

I’ve found I’ve more to give

And founding my foundation

From self to set me whole

I’ve wholly set before myself

The path to reach my goal


Writing in the raining

Smearing ink and weaving words

I’m patterned by the dropping

Pattered meter that I’ve heard

And pitching me to passion

I poise my pen for write

Then cloud-drop dripping drops and

Upon my nose alights

Then lit to light, I’m laughing

-It all seems so absurd

That I could take the water sounds

And mold them into words

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A little morbid


Broken cycle

Hollow tones are singing

Making sound of hallowed ground

And in my ears what’s ringing

Is the wrongness that I’ve found

For underfoot are boxes

Filled with what should be returned

Under lids with locks and

Removed from cycle earned

I feel my heart is breaking

As it pounds against my breast

Surrounds me-life forsaken

Dusty treasures, concrete chests

My bones can feel the wrongness,

Such a cold and bitter ache

This knowing that’s been long stressed

The circle’s set to break

Death’s to me no ending

There’s life among the bones

Flesh is fodder pending

Return to earthly home

Upsets me not, such feeding

Or breeding on the shell

When time has come for leaving

The form in which I’ve dwelled

Disturbing more-entombment

To rot alone-true death

Not musky new enwombment

For smaller creatures breath

This septic space I’m walking

Cries for breaking ground

The dead to me are talking

From under weighty bounds

I wish I could release them

Stir bones to fertile earth

But flesh un-rot’s been poisoned

And return would make it worse



One for the lullaby


Rain Song

Standing in my nightdress

Alone and watching rain

Ignoring feet gone frozen

On a sodden stony pave

I’m feeling sort of restless

But I often feel that way

I lift my face and bless this

Giving end to tired day

I’m watching sky for lightning

And the rumble-deep refrain

Standing under moon that

Has just new begun to wane

Science Vs Nature (For Chris)


The nature of science

The mother of man in a speck

A carbon collision; a wreck

And explosion, an implosion-or faith?

The creation of all human race

REvising, rewriting the days

Has become an obsession, a craze

So crazy, on what we would dwell

The which we live in-a shell

Or a womb within which we dwell

Building to birth to unknown

Then cracked wide to sky we would search

looking to stardust, we query our birth

The nature of man is to ask

The nature of time-is to pass

And historians all will just pen

While men in white lab coats conduct us again


Billions and billions and billions

And yet we are only just here

Yet we push to always be searching

answering what?-that question’s unclear

Just carbon based atom filled lifeforms

looking to self, Earth and sky

Some smartly asking and telling us all “how”

Some smarter, just asking us “why?”

One shot wednesday


Rose tinted

There are seeds beneath the snow and

I think they may be roses

I always just suppose that

There is a brighter side

It just may be the frozen

Land has simply chosen

To out wait the cold erosion

Of Winter’s chilly pride

Then spring and summer sunning

The ice to warm and running

All warm and green and stunning

Awake to yellow skies

Then laughing are the roses

Who cold beneath the snow have

Germinated slow and

Give thanks to be alive



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