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Smiles today


This warm effusing light and glow

Like birth-enters into unknown

And dance right there upon the edge

Of slipping in another’s head

While twined the form of two in one

Has graced the darkened night with sun

-That lightened life of time and space

Finds echo here with kind embrace

And embracing now, the love in kind

My body frees heart, soul and mind



another one


The hunt

She runs like sound, or so I’ve heard

Red cape flapping on the wind

And soon will spread like wings of bird

As the game of hunt begins

She runs from lions that catch at heels

Her flight revealing heart of fear

Or maybe wolves that search out meal

The baying rings like bells in ear

And panting, less than steps ahead

She stumbles on her own two feet

And the moment what fills her heart with dread

Is looming down and comes to greet

As earth is rushing up to hands

And teeth come flashing down her throat

Her belly growls it’s harsh demand

Across her face the rage has wrote

A cry for blood has come to call

Then keening, crying, and rending flesh

The chasers come upon her fall

Chew and rip til nothing’s left

Drinking blood like sweetest wine

The sounds of crunching, cracking bone

With moans of pleasure intertwine

Then silence falls… The girl’s alone






I’m not an answer,

Not a prayer

You’ll hardly even know I’m there

In the night

While you sleep

I’ll write down thoughts for me to keep

To learn from them

Message to me:

Briefly; “Don’t forget to breath”


Merry Me

I sing a sigh aloft and play

Melodies across your teeth

I laugh and dance my eyes that say

Inside of me you’ll be

And chuckled ribs jibe fingertips

Is that all you can do?

And smile wicked gives rise to lips

Legging down and showing you

And counting up-up over

I laugh, come tumbling down

Like into sweet scent-clover

-oh look, there goes my crown.



Like a dream

Waiting, waiting, waiting

I’m push me down frustrating

Myself and you with all I do

And catching breath-I’m baiting

And lift me up I’m brushing

There is no use in rushing

Myself today, I’m here for play

Then close my eyes, I’m trusting

Awake me now for fever

I’ll make of you believer

And all along, hum siren’s song

And into dreams-I’m weaver

Juxtiposed (They’re about sex!!!!)


A conversation between husband and wife

Baby doll

-is that all?

Good little girl…

-But I rocked your world.

Honey mouth.

-All I’m about?

You’re the best.

-I’m just sex.

Come here you.

-No, I’m through.

But I’m not done!

-Put your pants on.



I rollick and  roll,

I scream and I shout

But crux ain’t my crotch

Or close there-a-bouts

It sits up much higher

Between-hind two breasts

Or up a step more

And inside my head

And if you desire

Their lower twin-friend

You have to accede to

The means to my end

Oh get me to thinking

Or feeling what’s good

And take me out walking

Over streets and through wood

Talk to me nightly

And sing me to sleep

Read to me softly

Words make me weep

Love me so wholly

That I lose control

And soon you’ll be knowing

What I only show

To those that can reach me

And make me feel dear

And parted, I’m teaching

The crux is right here

Here for the show. (One Stop Photo Prompt)


Copy right Mike Roemer










You smile,

They stare.

Don’t you know?

Or don’t you care?

You’re just here

For a drink and smoke.

Never mind

Freud’s sweet joke.

But better yet,

I think you know…

The way you lips

Curl as you blow.

Pleasure poised

And pursed and pressed,

Just let their minds

Do all the rest.

Clothed in gold

And cocked just right…

Now who’s first to buy

Your drink tonight?

One Shoot Sunday prompt from OneStopPoetry… This week’s a goody. Check out the other great poets… You will NOT be disappointed… But you may end up all hot and bothered…





Chin tucked to shoulder

Lazy circles on your chest

Smiling into soft skin

As your fingers find my breast

Laughing under covers

As we wrestle and I bite

My skin’s what only glowing

And your hands, they seek it’s light

Giggles got you going

I think we run on mirth

Outside the snow is melting

And I think we’ve warmed the earth



I want to rub myself `gainst your skin

And wrap me in your scent

Get time sunk wrapped up arms in

And laugh at clock-time spent

Taste you mouth like water

And drink you down like wine

Stay in bed for hours

And tell you that you’re mine