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remember me?


Blood money

Smoke and smoke and mirrors

A sleight of hand has come to call

What once was held dearer

Has come to mean not much at all

And pages upon pages

Get ripped from slate-but save this!

You may need it in a second life


Trust in truth-but be wary!

You never know these days who’s false

Rust in proof when steel was querried

And wicker roofs against a squall

Sent cutting room in stages

Made sweet enough to taste it

Dissected to a sounding bite


It’s late again


Yes sing it out in public

Let’s see if you’re that good

Speak cryptically poetic

Like prophetesses should

Give it like Cassandra

And hope no one believes

Your calling for disaster

-The rising of the seas


Drink me up and down

And choke-up spit me out

Splendid force be sure

A lack of driving cure

And now I’m hit-struck round

Of a heart come bearing down

And bearing up for fight

As I dance around what’s right

And I’m sighing bleak at me

And I pray that you can’t see

The blood come pouring out my eyes

As I’m trying on for size

A bitter veil for shame

A sudden changing of my name