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Smiles today


This warm effusing light and glow

Like birth-enters into unknown

And dance right there upon the edge

Of slipping in another’s head

While twined the form of two in one

Has graced the darkened night with sun

-That lightened life of time and space

Finds echo here with kind embrace

And embracing now, the love in kind

My body frees heart, soul and mind



For a giggle


Giggles going gallant

And panting with release

I’m leasing life with laughter,

For happy is my fee

And freely should you pay me

This “coin” breeds more in kind

Minting out the gale-ing

That stitches up our sides

I’m siding with the sighing

-So sweet that I should know

That loving life with laughter

Should make the living grow

One stop Wednesday contribution


Hung by words

Beyond the scope of reason

I’m hung by rope of treason

A judgment on what’s right (or wrong)

Or harvested out-of-season

Divest me of my chainings

It’s no use to me restraining

The plump-red mouth that sings a song

In lieu of cold complaining


Written for OneStopPoetry !!! Click on the link to read the latest interview, check out the other poets or maybe contribute yourself!! (go on, you know you wanna)




Chin tucked to shoulder

Lazy circles on your chest

Smiling into soft skin

As your fingers find my breast

Laughing under covers

As we wrestle and I bite

My skin’s what only glowing

And your hands, they seek it’s light

Giggles got you going

I think we run on mirth

Outside the snow is melting

And I think we’ve warmed the earth



I want to rub myself `gainst your skin

And wrap me in your scent

Get time sunk wrapped up arms in

And laugh at clock-time spent

Taste you mouth like water

And drink you down like wine

Stay in bed for hours

And tell you that you’re mine