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I want to ask all these things

That make no sense in my head

Like what about all those things

Late at night that you said

A long walk on the tracks

Where you talked me out of the same

And now I look back;

Was it only a game?

The things you had done,

The places we’d been

Some are old-filled with pain

But helped the healing begin.

And those lost late-night walks

Where we’d talk and hold hands

I want to turn the clock back

So we could walk them again

I would parrot your words

Throw them back on your part

And pray to hope that they’re heard

And you would hold them to heart

But time faces front

Never turning it’s back

And I’ll go alone

If I go walking those tracks

But still you’ll be there

This time in my heart

Instead of hands in my hair

As I’m flying apart

You said to me best: tomorrow’s a day

And all of the rest, you can’t tell what it brings

You cannot predict what is coming your way

And if the note’s going sour, find a new song to sing

Well you’re voice has been spent

It went hoarse from the cry

For a life too soon wrent

In life’s living passed in time

So now I’m wishing you’d heard

Your words of advice

If only the mirror had turned

Wouldn’t that have been nice?


Stupid angry words this time


I was a virgin mind to suicide

Keep you in mind, I’ve had┬ápeople┬ádie

But not ever in such a senseless way

It was always just this; that this is their day.

And I confess that I thought

How much stronger I would be

Than the reserves that I’ve got

Which are bleeding from me.

And leaving me hollow

And cold in my heart

Of the endless-mess sorrow

From a world torn apart.

For how ever you loved him,

You’ll hear some voice say

Those angry words barge in

That “THIS was his way?”

And my BIGGEST frustration

That lay in my head

Facts lain in prostration:

You can’t argue the dead


And happy birthday, too.


This day-you’re birthday-is beautiful

And I wish you were here to see

The cotton clouding puff balls

And the sunlight through the trees

The flowers out and blooming

That I thread into my hair

I know you cannot see them

And I’m feeling it’s unfair

But I’m glad the sun is shining

On this day, you’re day of birth

Because you made the world much brighter

When you still walked along this earth



This won’t be the last time that I write for you

But it may be the first that I don’t know the words for what’s true

I’m angered and saddened, and shocked to the floor

And I don’t know how to talk to you, now you’re not here anymore.

I wish you were here so I could slap your sweet face.

Or hug you, or scold you… But your soul’s been displaced.

And this is a time that I wish I could pray

Or believe in my heart that I could see you some day.

But all I can do is just sob and ask why

You didn’t love you enough to keep giving living a try.

Wesley. I loved you very much. You were a huge part of my coming of age, and the first boy I ever loved. I’m rocked by what you’ve done to yourself, and I’m angry and sad. Sadder than I ever thought possible. I could cry an ocean and still have tears for you. You were a light and a joy to behold, and everyone who knew you couldn’t help but love you. There’s a Wesley sized hole in the world now. You will never be forgotten.