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three from this morning


  Whistle blown

Thistle down

Bristle boned

Missile thrown

Isn’t it funny how a moment

Changes all you’ve known?


Here there be treasure

Here there be curse

Love without measure

And demons, or worse

Here I am freeing

Or maybe I’m chaining

Consistent redeeming

Poised for refraining

Contradicting conundrum

I’m bookish and open

Quick spoke accustomed

To fixing what’s broken


Armed, I am ready

For battle or love

Land legs unsteady

The story consists of

A maiden who’s saving

The prince from the beast

Who heart’s blood’s engraving

Has action policed


Not nothing-Not me

You’re not nothing to no one,

You’re something to someone,

 who can’t be anything to you

And no, I don’t poke fun

But you’ve only been outdone

By the esteem you don’t hold in you

And If I could pry eyes

Hold down and make sight

Or some reason to counter your brain

You could surely be made wise

That it’s only a fool’s guise

But kindly, I’ll have to refrain

Words are just spoken

And I’m just as broken

And I cannot lay down hands

So here’s just a token

From one who’s outspoken

And perhaps just might understand

You are good in your own right

And I know you lack clear sight

But I have faith that someday you will see

So while lamenting your own plight

While screaming to dark night

Just remember that you still have me