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From Yesterday’s Journal


Picture by Kilashandra DePauw


I swallowed a tickle

It turned to a giggle

And now I am laughing out loud

My voice can be fickle

No serious to stick-will

Soon have me asking me how


Spare a word

Spare a dime

Spare a moment of my time

Could I provide

A smile for those eyes?

A voice unheard,

Like silent bells

Spoken words you know so well

No sense dwelling

On the the soul you’ve set to sell


On tan and tawny surface

the migrants make their purchase

So pink and thin

As they begin

To make their place of worship

But Gods oft lose their power

And giving gets to sour

Begetting spite

Upsets the might

Comes leaving hands devoured


Not like a brother

Something like friend

A could have been lover

If time didn’t spend

Itself rearranging

Down me in knots

And I’m left to explaining

How I haven’t got

Enough of the resourse

That all of us need

And my only recourse

To deal with the greed

That I feel in my own heart

As I look to you

Is to take me at whole part

And split me in two

And split-down, I’m leaving

One part by your side

With all of me grieving

I hope you’ll survive

Then I laugh at the ego…

My matter’s quite small

Because part of me just knows

I don’t matter at all


I’d like to speak plain for a moment

Just throw all metaphor away

But something inside of me knows that

If I did I’d have nothing to say

Take away gilt-wrapped-up trappings

Take down all meter and rhyme

And you’ll see all I’ve built come collapsing

Some moments arent built to stand time


another one


The hunt

She runs like sound, or so I’ve heard

Red cape flapping on the wind

And soon will spread like wings of bird

As the game of hunt begins

She runs from lions that catch at heels

Her flight revealing heart of fear

Or maybe wolves that search out meal

The baying rings like bells in ear

And panting, less than steps ahead

She stumbles on her own two feet

And the moment what fills her heart with dread

Is looming down and comes to greet

As earth is rushing up to hands

And teeth come flashing down her throat

Her belly growls it’s harsh demand

Across her face the rage has wrote

A cry for blood has come to call

Then keening, crying, and rending flesh

The chasers come upon her fall

Chew and rip til nothing’s left

Drinking blood like sweetest wine

The sounds of crunching, cracking bone

With moans of pleasure intertwine

Then silence falls… The girl’s alone




Juxtiposed (They’re about sex!!!!)


A conversation between husband and wife

Baby doll

-is that all?

Good little girl…

-But I rocked your world.

Honey mouth.

-All I’m about?

You’re the best.

-I’m just sex.

Come here you.

-No, I’m through.

But I’m not done!

-Put your pants on.



I rollick and  roll,

I scream and I shout

But crux ain’t my crotch

Or close there-a-bouts

It sits up much higher

Between-hind two breasts

Or up a step more

And inside my head

And if you desire

Their lower twin-friend

You have to accede to

The means to my end

Oh get me to thinking

Or feeling what’s good

And take me out walking

Over streets and through wood

Talk to me nightly

And sing me to sleep

Read to me softly

Words make me weep

Love me so wholly

That I lose control

And soon you’ll be knowing

What I only show

To those that can reach me

And make me feel dear

And parted, I’m teaching

The crux is right here

Thanks hedgeWitch. :)


Love shoved one over me

Nudged itself to heart, and see

Came raining down . it unglued me

Came stitching softness to my side

And undercut my daunting pride

I was swept away like tide

When love shoved itself on me


I smile at lips


From my kiss

Head-tilt frown



Oh I can play with you





I’m plaything

But I’m not playing

Oh what’s a girl to do?





But I’ve no reason

Oh, when it comes to you.

the sleeping pills didn’t work


lyrics (no title)

I really have need-but I cannot let be

Or pretend that it’s not building inside of me

A loss of a friend? oh please do not flee

I really wish I’d never said a word a`tall

Sitting here as I watch your fading face

And I’m out all sorts and I’m out of place

And out of line and I’m falling from grace

I really wish I’d never said a word a`tall

Just  remember-please, that you said it too

And cool-as-you-please, I could blame you

But really now-are those the things that friends do?

I really wish I’d never said the word a`tall.


I’m fickle and faithless and failing at words

And talking to you I don’t feel myself heard

And dumb-struck I’m dancing and rhyming again

Down thorn ridden path, I don’t know where it ends

I bend myself backwards as my heart does a flip

And splits it in twain as I finally trip

Oh tripped-up I’m Canting and ranting at you

The morrow’s been shattered-oh what did you do?

The shards are reflecting my face on the floor

And tear-free I’m bleeding as I find the door