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The practice of thought conservation (On conservative thinking)


You are marginal


Like the tube that they feed you through;

It’s out of view for the need of what it gives to you.

And the greed that supersedes your instinct to chew?

You’re just left to digest what is fitting through,

What they feed to you.

Did the thought to say no even occur to you?

To legislate hate for the State when the vote’s come through

And pave out the way for the past un-do.

For whom do you fight when the bill’s come due?

You know it’s not right, but it’s a faster move

Than breaking your sweat for a body not you.




This discourse we’ve discussed disgusts me

A list of lives we love are lived untrusting

Unsung, unsafe and unsurmounted;

You hold faith to fear and cling unfounded

Wide eyes gone blind to searching wildly

For shoulders blamed to set your trials free

So tried and true, this method’s worn

Employed by those of weaker form