Isn’t this supposed to be fun ?


You are a beautiful & terrifying reflection

A fun-house mirror distorting my direction

I’d run from you if I could find the predilection

To change my course and deny myself your affection

But I cannot deny me your pure existence

And I cannot offer myself true resistance

So I stand here offering such pitiful assistance

Such as you would let me against your persistence

To deny both our hearts and our true faith that

We couldn’t wait for me to weigh that

It was better for me to than wait than

Jump in, sink or swim, And I’m OK and

I love you more than my most holiest of ghost

And I proffer you-I’ve loved you most

Than the purest of all holy Fost

A communion to all I’ve treasured most

-I love you pure, and to you will I toast

The best of myself that I’ve loved dear the most






I am an amalgamation of all that come before me. I am both the ending and beginning of a real-life redemption story. I am not a fairy-tale or a parable containing lessons to be learned. I am a messiah of a mess on a mission-carrying respect waiting to be earned. This is MY turn. I will set fire to the words that have previously bound me. Bind my fists with the split ends of the definitions that surround me. I will make of myself everything and nothing that you have ever expected and then I will reject it. I will take the potential that you’ve weighed on me for which I never asked, and I will take its full enormity and shove it up your ass. See, I never break but I shatter-and the scattered pieces left to be placed, they never really mattered.

Stake the pheonix


Take me under

Down this ride

Show me dark

and the other side

You will see me act

like I’ve never known

the touch of sins that we can’t atone

Make me blister, make me bleed

make me say your name with need

I wish to burn, I wish to writhe

And come out changed on the other side

So tie me to the burning post

Exercise this love called ghost

So I may emerge most clean and free

Free of the child who once was me

Take it


I won’t be taking the high-road,

I’m just taking the piss

I’ll be taking your sweater,

And the shit you won’t miss

But all the shit that you gave me?

You can have it all back

YOU thought you could save me

With a knife to my back

So take it like a man, babe

Just take it on the chin

Cause now this devil’s dancing

On the sharp side of a pin


Say it ain’t so, but that how it goes, and it grows

And there do I but for the grace I won’t show

And grace in an exit, I have none at all

More like an ill placement in timed prat-fall

But fall on my feet, or my face if I must

I’ll soon find my beat and I’ll wipe of the dust

fuck it


My heart is not a chess piece

And I am not a pawn

And I am bored of board games

So forgive me if I yawn

And I’m not fond of fiction,

Please go fuck your fairy tales

If wishes were but pirate ships

We’d all be riding sails

But we’re just riding nerves now,

The one you’re on’s `most spent

And where the hell’d my fucks go?

-Oh look! there my last one went.