Stupid angry words this time


I was a virgin mind to suicide

Keep you in mind, I’ve had people die

But not ever in such a senseless way

It was always just this; that this is their day.

And I confess that I thought

How much stronger I would be

Than the reserves that I’ve got

Which are bleeding from me.

And leaving me hollow

And cold in my heart

Of the endless-mess sorrow

From a world torn apart.

For how ever you loved him,

You’ll hear some voice say

Those angry words barge in

That “THIS was his way?”

And my BIGGEST frustration

That lay in my head

Facts lain in prostration:

You can’t argue the dead



About Keats

Oh I'm sassy and I'm sexy, So silly sweet-and-sour Delightfully disastrous And deliciously dour I'm flippantly foolish, Filled I am with fear Can't concentrate completely, and my conduct isn't clear But to bravely be my best I Bring bravado back, BEHOLD!

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  1. The sound and shape of the words will never convey the true weight of what I’m trying to say, but Kila, as per our talk yesterday, I’m glad to see you pouring things out on paper. You remain firmly in my thoughts.

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