I want to ask all these things

That make no sense in my head

Like what about all those things

Late at night that you said

A long walk on the tracks

Where you talked me out of the same

And now I look back;

Was it only a game?

The things you had done,

The places we’d been

Some are old-filled with pain

But helped the healing begin.

And those lost late-night walks

Where we’d talk and hold hands

I want to turn the clock back

So we could walk them again

I would parrot your words

Throw them back on your part

And pray to hope that they’re heard

And you would hold them to heart

But time faces front

Never turning it’s back

And I’ll go alone

If I go walking those tracks

But still you’ll be there

This time in my heart

Instead of hands in my hair

As I’m flying apart

You said to me best: tomorrow’s a day

And all of the rest, you can’t tell what it brings

You cannot predict what is coming your way

And if the note’s going sour, find a new song to sing

Well you’re voice has been spent

It went hoarse from the cry

For a life too soon wrent

In life’s living passed in time

So now I’m wishing you’d heard

Your words of advice

If only the mirror had turned

Wouldn’t that have been nice?


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