weird feelings


Strange dream last night. I had a long, productive conversation with someone I’d not seen or heard from in (has it really been?) years now, but is on my mind a lot recently. We compared tattoos, caught up and apologized for a lot. It’s the conversation I wish I could have in real life… it’s so strange how someone who once meant so much to you could become a footnote in your history. Even stranger when fault and resentment turn into chagrin and a low-creeping sense of regret in your own actions. And also… the 18th is only around the corner. I’m getting antsy and anxious. I want to figure out this thing. and I don’t want to know.


About Keats

Oh I'm sassy and I'm sexy, So silly sweet-and-sour Delightfully disastrous And deliciously dour I'm flippantly foolish, Filled I am with fear Can't concentrate completely, and my conduct isn't clear But to bravely be my best I Bring bravado back, BEHOLD!

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