take the plunge


You know me, gotta dip a toe before I can wet my feet. Tap a finger before I follow the beat, I’ve got half of a rhythm in a faltering speech.  But I speed myself up when I follow the sound and it brings the lights up as I follow it down the rabbit hole to a place in my mind where the product of soul-searching is sure to provide some definition to the shapes in the mirror, The image stays the same but the message gets clearer. And I fear I can’t raise voice loud enough to project the feeling of these words that haven’t left yet. And I left it on a note that was sour in tone, But don’t go picking bones because you’re sure not alone. In this world, I’ve offended a few, When I was young I was cruel, but I’ve amended my view. And I see matters now that are close to my heart-like all these people putting walls up to hide from the hurt when in truth putting a hand out for a hug would do more But instead they’re holding cold off and hold out for a cure for this condition, this feeling called life. Where the shit you have to sift through isn’t treating you right and the only right to make of it is the right that you do, and there’s no cricket on your shoulder, so it all falls to you And the pressure get the best-you’re falling out of your line, But sometimes boxes aren’t there to provide, but confine the truth from your eyes. So break the barrier and be a carrier of good news. You choose. If it’s all gray today, paint a different view. Just breath and be a peace with you. Cause we all trip up and make track of mistakes, and track shit through our lives and pave through our “big breaks”. But when you break it all down, that’s the chance that you take; Life is all chance, and we all make mistakes.


About Keats

Oh I'm sassy and I'm sexy, So silly sweet-and-sour Delightfully disastrous And deliciously dour I'm flippantly foolish, Filled I am with fear Can't concentrate completely, and my conduct isn't clear But to bravely be my best I Bring bravado back, BEHOLD!

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