finally some poetry


I’m mounting like Vesuvius

And the only living proof is this

Shattered focused catalyst

And the will to battle this

Rotten self of nemisis


Be still

Be still a moment

Be still my heart

Be still, go dormant

-do not yet go fly apart

Apart-this threading

Cold needles pine

Be still, stop shedding

-Ignore heart gone wearing fine


she stands like she’s guarding a secret

But she’s really just guarding her heart

In hopes she’ll be able to keep that

Tender organ from falling apart

She hedges and shines you a smile

If you query as to why she’s so stiff

Working with feminine wiles

In hopes your attention should shift

And shifting from one foot to other

You’ve lost her to staring in space

So nervous, it seems she should hover,

Set time in a back and forth pace

And time comes, she’ll get up and leave you

Without so much as a back-tilting glance

Letting loose from what she once cleaved to

Indifferently setting her life down to chance


3 responses »

    • Thank you for the compliment… But I’ve been invited to that “rally” before. I’d rather not, thank you. I find the “awards” high handed, insipid and masturbatory. OneStop is pretty much it for me. It’s a great community, the people running it aren’t there to massage egos and give a false sense of accomplishment… They truly give sound advice and help guide poets. I’m gonna stick with them.

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