Word games


So… I’m looking for inspiration and to exercise my imagination/increase how much I’m writing… I was thinking of playing a little game… The idea is, you leave a comment in the comment section with a subject/idea/specific words for me to write a poem for you. I’ll write the poem, and put your name in the headline so you can find it… You can request more than one (but please 3 or less), and I will answer EVERY prompt…


About Keats

Oh I'm sassy and I'm sexy, So silly sweet-and-sour Delightfully disastrous And deliciously dour I'm flippantly foolish, Filled I am with fear Can't concentrate completely, and my conduct isn't clear But to bravely be my best I Bring bravado back, BEHOLD!

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  1. Hmm…let’s try one about…ah! One you and your boyfriend would appreciate: Nature vs. Technology. Adversarial or cooperative, your choice, but let’s see an interrelation of the pair. *grins* And go!

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