From Yesterday’s Journal


Picture by Kilashandra DePauw


I swallowed a tickle

It turned to a giggle

And now I am laughing out loud

My voice can be fickle

No serious to stick-will

Soon have me asking me how


Spare a word

Spare a dime

Spare a moment of my time

Could I provide

A smile for those eyes?

A voice unheard,

Like silent bells

Spoken words you know so well

No sense dwelling

On the the soul you’ve set to sell


On tan and tawny surface

the migrants make their purchase

So pink and thin

As they begin

To make their place of worship

But Gods oft lose their power

And giving gets to sour

Begetting spite

Upsets the might

Comes leaving hands devoured


Not like a brother

Something like friend

A could have been lover

If time didn’t spend

Itself rearranging

Down me in knots

And I’m left to explaining

How I haven’t got

Enough of the resourse

That all of us need

And my only recourse

To deal with the greed

That I feel in my own heart

As I look to you

Is to take me at whole part

And split me in two

And split-down, I’m leaving

One part by your side

With all of me grieving

I hope you’ll survive

Then I laugh at the ego…

My matter’s quite small

Because part of me just knows

I don’t matter at all


I’d like to speak plain for a moment

Just throw all metaphor away

But something inside of me knows that

If I did I’d have nothing to say

Take away gilt-wrapped-up trappings

Take down all meter and rhyme

And you’ll see all I’ve built come collapsing

Some moments arent built to stand time


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  1. Theres a lifetime in this. Lovers certainly something from the heart. But I like the build. Matures on all levels as it goes Starts off girlish and goes to someting almost spiritual before descending to a breaking. young relationship maybe? we all know those but I think a poet feels them more! Guessing by the picture tho this ones rooted in some experience

    • LoL, I didn’t mean them like that. I literally transcribed everything from Journal for that day. I had drawn a sketch of Chris Galford ( ) and included it in the post, because it was technically from that Journal entry… and while I’m not a PHENOMENAL artist, I thought I did a decent job on this one… More of a caricature, though.

      • Checked out some his stuff too and first impression i have to say; you both got lots of that longing I talked bout. Different forms but like damn.

      • LOL, I’m pretty sure longing is a common thread amongst most poets. But he’s been pretty influential in getting me to start sharing my work, and for a LONG time I consulted him about what I was posting or planning to post. We have MAJOR stylistic differences (I work heavily metered and rhymed, I prefer the structure & challenge of working within a set of guidelines while he tends toward mixed verse & free verse.) though, and working together was a challenge for me because I always wanted to restructure his phrasings and words into my metered rhyme-scheme. That’s actually what we did with our collaboration. He wrote the body of the work, and I reworded it to fit into the architecture of structured work..

  2. Well good on him if he got you out here! and hey like they say diffrent strokes for different folks right. Styles is like whatever. Good writings good writing.

    im still sayin you should do more work together though cause like woah you both got great minds and the ideas in some your writings are just great and style or no you seem to hit two sides of same coins on some points though he tends to be darker from what i see and looking at your old stuff you got some LUST in you girl like. Damn. Bring that back haha. But seriously. I hope you two still working together. Best stuff can come out of clashing forms and like minds battering eachother into ORGASMIC WRITING AWESOME. Ha.

    Ok but yeah i get you. Yeah longigns a common thing but having looked through your stuff now i mean its like this

    You started out lusty and lovey and are pulling into sad now (i mean for obvious reasons but its a change) and him hes like started out sad and philoosophical (sp?) and still philo but hes like recovering and its still got longing but its something else you know not just sadness, not the pointed stuff thats in your wrods now.

    Hope that made sense im like trying to sum all the like litle posts idve made on your other things into this one so its like ALL HERE.

    • Orgasmic writing? lol. Writing isn’t like sex to me. It’s more of a purging than that. As a woman, sex is something I take into myself, writing is something that pours out of me.

      • Is that a fancy way of sayin you prefer the solo writes, more personal an all or that kind of why you dont write the passion bursts of lust no more, cause its not whats pouring out? Feeling? Cause looking at your old stuff i mean youre still kicking ass now but your old stuff has me at attention!

      • Well… I don’t exactly DISLIKE joint endeavors, I just happen to be a control freak and perfectionist… Which I am aware of, and I prefer to keep control over, so I keep my chances of offending someone by completely rewriting their work to a minimum. As for the lack of sex and lust in my recent works, I’ve been under a lot of stress recently, and my relationship is a well established 2 1/2 years old. I am not falling IN love, I’ve BEEN in love for a while now, & it’s not new & fresh in my mind. It’s comfortable & familiar & I tend to write about what’s causing my mind to churn.

      • Yeah the lust part of things does tend to die off the longer yer in a thing but love fills the lack! Gratz to you. Is the chris fellow the lover or just the friend or what? Be like whats their names the Brownings? I think? Though i’d think poet lovers would get into all sorts of odd fights over style and whatnot haha.

      • No, Chris is just a friend. The lover is not one bit a poet… But there’s poetry in him… Just comes out in different ways.

  3. Well long as theres still some good love to be had there rock on! Lust and passion always die. Love goes nd goes.

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