block broke


On the bough, and falling soon

On my break, and stalling gloom

On the edge and edging back

Forget I said-I’m hedging track

And hedging bets, and bits and fluff

And I never ger-NO… it’s enough

So contradict myself and cull

The words that stick to my outer hull


Ethereal like Ether

It’s a trick

It’s a trade

It’s so slick

What I’ve made

Can you see

Through the mask

Can you breath

It in like gas

That hits the lungs

Filters blood

Steam-steeped stung

Like leaching blood

Ether fogged

Felled the brain


The crushing pain


down for counting

Dipping, swinging, sighing

Inside of me I’m dying

I coulda been left flying

But I’ve no wings at all

And swinging, sweeping, screaming

But silently, I’m meaning

Awake the awful dreaming

Before you hit the fall

And draining, dreaming daisies

Poor girl, she know’s she’s crazy

Will nobody try to save me?

But I’m really just afraid

Life lacks love and luster

And I pull away and up and muster

Enough to say-DON’T TRUST HER!

She’s not herself today





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  1. The pacing in all your recent poems suggests your mind’s a-racing these days, Ms. Kila. At least how I’m reading them. Seems an underlying sense of building speed in them. Makes for entertaining pieces but – slow down! Don’t let your thoughts overwhelm you. Can’t have Kilas exploding due to hyper-mind-disorder.

    That said, I think the first is my favorite of this batch. Solid rhymes and base, good sense of imagery, with a message and descriptive quality that speaks to feelings we all can empathize with quite well. Misgivings indeed. But a stupid girl? Nah, I think not.

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