surreality (one stop contribution)



Photo by Sean McCormick










I’m ten feet flying and I think I may be dying from sound

I’m fleeing to the air but I’m never even leaving the ground

And I think you may be laughing, but you never really pass on a joke

And passing on a passion, from memory I’ll fashion a yoke

So do unto me

And I will show you mine

Why can’t it be

Another little never mind

I am fleet foot sighing and I think I may be going to ground

Coulda been sweet sailing but I always had my failings abound

Now I’m done down drowning and I’m crowning in my own fragility

The sky is open maelstrom, beckoning the welcome to surreality


To enjoy more photos and an interview with the photographer or read/contribute a poem of your own visit OneStopPoetry



2 responses »

  1. nice picture – makes you realize that the earth is turning at quite a high speed without us feeling it 🙂

    amazing that we don’t get dizzy 😉

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