Some pretty old stuff here


I’m including dates with these poems because they’re actually dated… which is strange for me, but hey!

Sept 17, 2006

Crazy in the head

feeling kinda half cocked, missing being fine.
I’m crazy in the head today, and I’m out to lose my mind.
sleeping on my feet, walking in my dreams,
waking to a nightmare, everything’s as it seems.
So off kilter I will go, just to change the pace.
Crazy in the head today, like all the human race.


April 18 2006

(for Cayden)

Across a field of skin
A life that sighs within
Dancing below the surface
moving to the rythm of life
shifting flesh softly
soon to emerge into sunlight
a bright spot in my vision

the pinnicle of life’s achievment
The cycle renews its self
and I am gratful


Jan 11 2006

Fuck you

fuck what you got in store for me.
You think I can’t circumvent you?
Get around, and re-construct you?
Do my best and in the end, fuck you?
You don’t know me,
You don’t own me,
And you certainly can’t direct me.
I refuse to lie down
Beaten around
Fucked wide,
Sucked dry,
Cast aside.
Fate fuck destiny,
Pushed aside by me,
Brushed past with impunity.
Fuck you!
You can’t control me,
Think you own me,
You’re nothing.
At all
Without cooperation,
And let’s be truthful here,
Let the fallicies dissapear,
And come to grips with the fact,
That I will react
Talk back
Speak out,
Laugh loud
In your face.


Jan 11 2006

Cold Flame

I break out,
Strike down,
Push aside the mask and cry
A shriek across a colbalt sky
Dance in flame
Gone insane
Been to hell and back again
But who in all this held my hand,
Led me through a famine land?
Gave me courage to fight all fear?
Rage entitled, held so dear.
I’m stronger than I thought I was,
Anger just another tool.
It’s the energy I need to burn
To get things done I have to do.
And do I must, and finish all.
Now I run,
Now I walk,
And now I crawl.
Across the point of no return
Given flesh for fuel to burn
Burn it will,
I will
So well
Brushing off this mental hell.


Jan 22 2006

Spun glass

I want pretty words today
Pretty words
Softly spoken
Glide across the skin and play
Pretty words
I’m built of glass right now
I’m not sure
But I think my flesh some how
Got melted off
And melted in
The sands of time
And put back in
And delicate
I NEED pretty words today
Spoken softly,



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  1. It was uproarious and charged pieces you left us with, my friend, but you have since tragically broken your spellbinding streak of PostaDays…3 days now you have gone without posting, and even banished as I am into the opposite end of Michigan, it saddens me to see. I do agree with Mama Zen…more! Because we’re greedy little poets and we want to see more of the delightful creativity spill!

    • Aww… Sweet of you to say Chris, but I’d warrent you’re the only one who really misses me. And you should know as well as I that if you can’t write, you can’t write. Been more than a little frusterated on that end… but I will break my dryspell and come in with a little new stuff, just for you. Here’s for spilling creatively. 😉

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