One stop Wednesday contribution


Hung by words

Beyond the scope of reason

I’m hung by rope of treason

A judgment on what’s right (or wrong)

Or harvested out-of-season

Divest me of my chainings

It’s no use to me restraining

The plump-red mouth that sings a song

In lieu of cold complaining


Written for OneStopPoetry !!! Click on the link to read the latest interview, check out the other poets or maybe contribute yourself!! (go on, you know you wanna)


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    • *grins* yeah, but the rhyming’s all I’m good at. I get into free verse and I’m treading water at best. Didn’t even start appreciating it until recently.

  1. A playful, yet reflective piece with another of your enjoyable rhyme schemes, my friend. The poem speaks to me of indecision, a hemming and hawing, coming to acceptance of a reality…fate, perhaps? Or perhaps a struggle against urges…an urge to love, maybe…but one, that in the accepting and embracing of, can bring great warmth amidst these cold winter months. But I ramble. Nice contribution, Kila!

    • Well thank you very much. I try to balance the meter & rhyme while maintaining the integrity of the emotion behind it… I often fall flat, so it’s gratifying to hear when someone thinks it’s any good. πŸ™‚

  2. I liked it especially “It’s no use to me restraining/The plump-red mouth that sings a song/In lieu of cold complaining…so much better to sing that song, live the half-full, find the joy in the bleak of winter and hold to beauty blowing kisses. Well done. Gay @beachanny

    • Thanks. I often feel that my work has a bit of a sing-songy feel to them, that they’re too much so. It’s nice to have one that I feel portrays that approach strongly so well received.

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