Juxtiposed (They’re about sex!!!!)


A conversation between husband and wife

Baby doll

-is that all?

Good little girl…

-But I rocked your world.

Honey mouth.

-All I’m about?

You’re the best.

-I’m just sex.

Come here you.

-No, I’m through.

But I’m not done!

-Put your pants on.



I rollick and  roll,

I scream and I shout

But crux ain’t my crotch

Or close there-a-bouts

It sits up much higher

Between-hind two breasts

Or up a step more

And inside my head

And if you desire

Their lower twin-friend

You have to accede to

The means to my end

Oh get me to thinking

Or feeling what’s good

And take me out walking

Over streets and through wood

Talk to me nightly

And sing me to sleep

Read to me softly

Words make me weep

Love me so wholly

That I lose control

And soon you’ll be knowing

What I only show

To those that can reach me

And make me feel dear

And parted, I’m teaching

The crux is right here


3 responses »

  1. (They’re about sex!) – You’re just *trying* to get the ratings now, aren’t ya? Heh. Enjoyed Crux I must say. A conversation between husband and wife made me smile, but Crux had something to it…a depth, a subtle playful disposition moved along on an easy flow.

    • LOL. nope. hadn’t crossed my mind at all, actually. I was feeling… Blatant. Some times I just wanna walk into a crowded room and shout “SEX!” or “FUCK!” … I knew the post name would show up on twitter… Which was the closest approximation at the time. 🙂

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