Here for the show. (One Stop Photo Prompt)


Copy right Mike Roemer










You smile,

They stare.

Don’t you know?

Or don’t you care?

You’re just here

For a drink and smoke.

Never mind

Freud’s sweet joke.

But better yet,

I think you know…

The way you lips

Curl as you blow.

Pleasure poised

And pursed and pressed,

Just let their minds

Do all the rest.

Clothed in gold

And cocked just right…

Now who’s first to buy

Your drink tonight?

One Shoot Sunday prompt from OneStopPoetry… This week’s a goody. Check out the other great poets… You will NOT be disappointed… But you may end up all hot and bothered…



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  1. Playful! She’s gaming the system…I like this. It’s not just raw seduction, as some take it, it plays with that image, shows the woman not necessarily working the image, but using it to get what she wants. It puts power in the woman’s hands – and not unwitting power, but calculated, devilish bits. I like this lady in your light. Nice one for the prompt!

    • *grins* I took it from a woman’s perspective… a powerful woman’s perspective… and besides… Look at her, she knows exactly what she’s doing.

  2. Strong, very well done innuendo throughout. The line in the poem that intrigues me most is “Or don’t you care?” There’s only one person who can answer that, but you have to buy her a drink to even catch a glimpse of that answer. Or not. IDK lol Great poem!

    • Chris showed me the pic yesterday, so I had a goodly while to let the image play in my mind before I wrote this out… She just seemed… Powerful and in control to me. I liked that. Reminded me a little of a Bond girl.

    • I don’t think she doesn’t KNOW any better… I think she doesn’t care. You know, “old enough to know better, too young to care?”… I think that applies here.

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