This is where we left off

Packing boxes, packing bags

Trashing what dreams were made of

And divvying what we had

Hawking out those gold bands

Back to the pawns were bought

Letting go of once held hands

And those vows that we both forgot

You said that you would keep me

And I think I said it too

I’d never sleep on angry

But I soon made that untrue

Once I called you Angel

And you just called me Girl

And when I look wrong angle

It seems I’ve lost my world

Rocked upside down and counting

The days when papers send

The change that comes amounting

Both begginings and the end


2 responses »

  1. I wouldn’t say this is an angry poem but there is some very ‘to the point’ imagery here.
    I’s a really cool poem.
    The issue of divorce i’m sure is distressing for all who go through one

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