If you can’t laugh at yourself…


Voodoo Girl

Picking through the ashes

That I clench between my teeth

Picking shards of glass and

I’m Laughing at my feet

Sticking pins in dolls that

Are shaped like girls like me

Throwing darts at small-crafts

As I’m shaking out my glee


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  1. your poetry always makes me think second thoughts – it’s often so multi-layered and i try to “peel” it.. this one has a feeling of gallows humor for me – but maybe it’s only me..feeling a bit like this at the moment…smiles

  2. Darkly entertaining. Prodding and picking through the darkness of life with a sort of glee; an odd sort of revelry in the destruction, in the undermining of the self or the extensions/reflections thereof…interesting set of images, all around. Yours is the dark and amusing to my dark and sad this week it seems!

    • Find humor in everything and joy in all of life Chris! That way you’ll never be disappointed! (and besides, it ALL reminds you that you’re still breathing, and that’s a GOOD thing).

  3. Dancing with those who cast no shadows? Here let me help you slip on this nice white jacket.. The long sleeves? Yes that’s to protect your hands from the needles and those nasty shards of glass.. There.. snug as a bug in a rug..
    In my best Jack Benny imitation.., “Oh nurse..” jk

    Can I come over and play..? I’ve got my own needles

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