One stop photo prompt, photo by Katherine Forbes (yes, all three came from the photo)


In my mind I see

The sweet corners of your mouth

Turned upward

A light flash in your eyes

A tilting of chin slight forward


A smile that belongs to me


Knock bottles and boots back in summer

A sweet sweat flavor of kiss

A field dance in hot humid weather

Summer love always tastes the best


I remember his hands best

Fingerprints on my skin




On a place that he once had been

His eyes burned a shadow

on my joy

He’s the one taught my heart fear


Orange Popsicle stained

Cold kisses

And the scent of him filling the air

Young love

Feels like summer remembered

Hot asphalt

Stinging our feet

And the running that brings hearts out thumping

And a hand

Pressed to chest

Calming the out-rhythm beat



This Sunday’s photo brought a whole lot to mind, love both new and old went ringing through my head and heart, and I was thrown into the writing full force.

click on the link to see the photo what inspired these writings, and to check out all the other fabulous poets on OneStopPoetry!


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    • *grins* that’s what the photo prompt did for me… Stirred memories; some quite fresh, and some I’d thought I’d forgotten… The first poem is for my newest love… The last one for my first.

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