A few more peices from times gone by


One step at a time my girl, one step at a time.

Gotta make up your mind my girl, so go and make it fine.

Lose a touch of the fear, my dear, just a little touch of fear.

Lose the hindsight and what ifs, and make it come out clear.

And please stop second guessing the sweet sent blessing

Before the constant messing teaches another hard-earned lesson.


Just breathe

Just take a deep-

Before you leap-

I know it’s steep-

But it will keep-

Just take a deep-



A new day

The morning light comes striking in,

A new death of sleep.

The mourning strikes, alighting within,

Anew my breath to keep.

And who in all can tell me straight,

And heal this fractured beating?

Lift me up from broken gait

And stop me from retreating?


call to flight

I crackle like fire-like leaves

The sharpest of winds-a breeze

The coldest of rain-just mist

The moltenest passion-a kiss

And down from the tower-I go

The path undertaken-unknown


Hey hey,

Can you see my face?

Hey hey,

You know it’s not a race?

Hey hey,

We all make place,

and set the pace,

and make it in the end.


I get chills and I spilll

my guts out-all over the pavement.

And it’s to my own amazement,

I ever last the night.


You are working up to nothing

This prelude is disgusting

And there is no use discussing

what isn’t there at all.


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