A bunch written some months ago


Great expectations

I want to be full on eidetic

I want to lose this hella hectic

I want to be true-life respected

I want to be what you never expected

But I’m not one to organize

And Chaos colors my hazle eyes

And everyone sees through the loose-fit guise

All that’s left to me is suprise

An element I’m getting good at


No time

I havent got the time,

The time, time, time for you

I’ve got all of the time

Time, time in the world, it’s true

I’m just too lazy

lazy in the headspace

To take on a crazy

Another crazy headcase

So excuse me if I’m lying

Lie-lie lying on the floor

I failed when I went walking

Walk-walking out your door.


Young at heart

Oh I’m shaking, I’m quaking, I rolic and roll

I feel what I feel, and I’ll never grow old

My body may age, and time well will pass

But this youth in my blood shall always hold fast

I’m rising, I’m learning, I feel what I feel

Warm sunlight shining through silk-wrapped up steel

-I am! Alive, and profoundly right here

Amidst the true goodness of all I hold dear.



Loving life and laughter

Reveals the ever-after

The happy true-end story

That is my birth-right glory

See, I’m living in the moment

and I really truely hope that

You’ll share this joy with me.


The pain makes it real

I love the ache of life

The cold cut of the knife,

The sharp and stinging wind,

A sudden truthful grin,

The piercing of the stone,

The lone and misty gloam,

I love all that it brings,

The whisper trees that sing,

The sadness and the rage

-Every turning page

I love the land and sky

And every tear I cry

Shout from place on high

I am here, and I’m ALIVE!


Morning song

Dawn creeps slowly across the earth

Every morning reminiscent of new birth

Mists rise like a mantle thrown

Amazing me at how I’ve grown

This death of night, a borning day

Has given rise for me to say

I love this world I live within

And give my life to loving it.


The grace of falling

The beauty of me is not in face,

In cloying charm, or limbs of grace

But in tumult dancing, rise and fall

The fate of living life to call

An answer sent far out to wind,

A swirling massive cloud of grin.

I am no beauty when I am stilled,

Attraction pulled from life-I’m filled.

Moving with the pulse from birth,

Keeping it, til I’m interred to earth.


Contradiction today

You can rely on me

To be difficult

You can rely on me

To be a real pain

You can rely on me

You can rely on me

You can’t rely on me


Today I am sunny

Today I am blue

And isn’t it funny?

All the things that I do..

So please rely on me

To make a difference

And please rely on me

To say it plain

Oh do rely on me

Yes, you rely on me

Just rely on me,

I’m safe.


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