three completely unrelated


the bar

is cramped and crowded

the band plays fast and loud and

my whiskey tastes like water

but it’s better than drinking alone

long gone are the hazy clouds of

smoke filling the air

now it’s just judgment clouded

that makes fuzzy faces ring clear

but it’s better than drinking alone


for all I know I’m dancing

upon a razor’s edge

tipsy and I’m drifting

ever closer to the edge

and soon enough I’ll jump off

heed Icarus’s call

drift to sun and melting

then back to earth I’ll fall

but do not feel so badly

so rough for me my dear

cause soon I’ll be up and dancing

oh-I’ll never learn no fear


I am sleeping in my beauty

I am falling from my grace

I am heart-struck down uneasy

and I’m feeling out of place

oh I think I made a misstep

and I fell right into you

took a turn I should have missed and

I don’t know what to do


2 responses »

    • Thank you. I was DRUNK when I wrote the first one… I was at a bar and the air of desperation was choking me harder than the clouds of smoke used to. when I left I felt like I smelt of unattainable grasping at recaptured youth… It made me feel depressed.

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