The girl of day and night


Time stands tall against the falling of my days

And I wish I had belief in me left enough to pray

But girls think like atheist just aren’t built that way

A sinking ship fallen sick to hopeless fray

And I’m counting the minutes until my times stand still

A play against the day upon the felling of my will

Another sleepless dream downed with tea and sleeping pills

And this hope that soon enough all of time will soon come still

Between you, between me and this helpless winging plea

This girl will soon enough find truth enough to see

Which is better, which is worse when you’re sticking to the teeth

Of the Lion, of the Wolf… But to both you cannot be

A girl in hood, a girl alight, a girl standing to the world

The girl of day, the girl of night, stands with naked heart unfurled

Standing naked on the carpet, or comfort-down wrapped curled

Standing straight with quiet ascension, Stands bare before the world




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