Mama played Rock n Roll


So long ago

-Well not so long

But it was

When I was very young

I’d sit on stool

At a bar

Drinking cherry coke

-And suck my thumb

And mom would sing

And Jim would play

Power chords

On his red guitar

She still wails

From the past

And the band

I knew them all

Uncles and brothers

To the last

Dollars in

The saxiphone

Waiting for my eager hands

Morty played

Upon the drums

And gave to us

A Christmas once

When times were hard

They were there

Family made not from blood

But from notes and

Rhythm sounds

I’d fall asleep

In a booth

Sweaty vinyl sticking cheeks

In innocence

I was formed

In the shape of Old-Rock dreams

This piece was inspired by Joe Satriani’s “always with me, always with you” care of OneStopPoetry. To hear the music, or check out other pieces inspired by it, why not click on the link and check them out?


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  1. Really like how you describe the family aspect of music bringing people close. I think that’s true in other arts as well. The camaraderie’s built upon love of expression. Nice job with the prompt!

    • Well thank you! I was unsure of the structure of this one… I’m much more comfortable in a strictly set meter and rhyme scheme… but it just didn’t fit for this somehow. The music really just brought back those images from childhood in a fractured sort of way…

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