I need some help with the meter on the last line


mi corazón, que tiene dos caras

Take care, for one is turned to you

y el anhelo de los gustos como las flores

And I’m full caught in scent of the bloom

Es como que estoy contando estrellas

The bright ones that are caught in your eyes

Quiero hacer el amor con mis palabras

So for you I will  write sweet lullabies

(back story) I have an ex-girlfriend who used to speak in Spanish when she really wanted to be romantic. It’s a romantic language that just sounds like it was made for love-talk… My grammar probably really stinks, as it’s been years since I’ve had need for using the language… but I thought it would be fun to play with it in poetry. This is my first, very clumsy attempt… And for any who are native to the Spanish tongue… I apologize for butchering your language.


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    • in rough translation (and my grammar may be atrocious… my Spanish is not the best):

      My heart, it has two faces
      Take care for one is turned to you
      And the desire, it tastes like flowers
      And I’m full caught in scent of the bloom
      It’s like I’m counting stars
      The bright ones that are caught in your eyes
      I want to make love with my words
      So for you I will write sweet lullabies

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