Can’t sleep, my dreams will eat me


So in part I am pursued

Hell in fury I’ve imbued

Another night I’ve come unglued

And I’m drowning in the type

Another page yet to peruse

Another thoughtless mercy cued

Come-done falling down on you

So I set myself to write


Come bleeding and speeding and pouring from me

This entreating heart beating that picks up the plea

And answers the quest for the question unasked

And vaulting the bastions, I’ve fallen quite flat

And flat-foot I’ve beaten the best in the race

By stacking the deck and staggering pace

With chasing my demons I’ve run them all down

And straddle them choking them clean to the ground

And lips-pressed I’m biting and eating the flesh

And unrest delivers this heart to my chest

Consuming the strength of the hold over me

I pluck at the liver, a cold delicacy


Summer comes in winter

Over come and under-done

Running paths run over

Raining words from honeyed tongues

Yellow in the night-fall

Pale comes the light of day

Lighting on the sweet call

Enter in my sway

And searching mouths say soft words

Some might come around

Emblems of a lone chord

Foreign, two hearts resound

Open to chest what’s heaving

Repeal a bell that brings

Gilt lungs left unbreathing

Inside I stole to sing

Vestibule-I hide there

Entering to me

Music dusts in my hair

Ending in my plea


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  1. quite the ride you took us on…sitting down to write…i do that to get out of me what keeps me awake as well…nice one shot

    • I’m a hopeless insomniac. Most of my writing happens after midnight (the time stamps are wonky on this thing for me, don’t know how to put it to my zone, they’re about 5 hours ahead of me)… But sometimes I think that’s a good thing, because I write SO much at that time. If you read very many of my posts you’ll see that most of them are multiple poemed posts.

    • I’m thinking about it hon… Gotta figure out what’s the best for it, though… And try to get published outside of a book before I try to make THAT leap…

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