Another batch of older works


face the morning

I feel like I’ve stolen my own face

right offa my own head.

Some how missed the place

I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed.

And isn’t that the way?

I start far, far too many days.

Starring at a stranger in the mirror

And yelling at the wall,

It never gets to be much clearer,

Did I jump or did I fall?

And isn’t that the way?

I start far, far too many days.

So here I go again and again

Thump-bumping to the song

A rain of falling beaten rhythm

I must have gotten wrong.

And isn’t that the way?

I start far, far too many days.

Then the camera switches focus,

And I’m starring in my eyes

The swarming buggy locusts

Clear to show my guise,

And shouldn’t that be the way?

I start my many days?



I’m feeling misanthropic,

No, sorry, I misspoke, it’s

This tick-tick-tick,

It’s making me sick,

To brainstem, it sticks

It’s like a goddamn timebomb

Split down to the inner atom

I’m sorry what were you saying, madam?

It’s another waiting line

Waiting room, no I’m fine

Another goddamn party line

And parting shot,

You are, no I’m not

But what have I got

Left? Right.

Day or night?

Stand and fight,

Please don’t cry,

It’s all right.

And time it marches on, on

And inside here I’m long gone.

And then I sing the wrong song,

Just trying to get along, be strong.

And all along,

A mantra

But you can’t hear, or can ya?

Hold it together,

Takes time, but you’ll weather…

Whether you know it or not.


one more

I’ve got a lot to learn

But I’m willing

It’s not half-hearted smiles

That are spilling

From my face to my lap

And I’ve got this down pat

But I’ve gotten off track

As I do

But lately you see,

 I’ve been thinking

A dangerous pastime- I’m sure

But this feeling’s not sinking,

It’s rising and falling,

Ebbing and flowing from shore.


In my defense

I am a clown,

I am a card…

I know I shouldnt

try so hard

But this life

I have to live

with all this love

I have to give

Is choking me

with its closed fist

And has captured me

About the wrist

It’s beat me down

Til I’m bout broke

And all I’ve got

Left are my jokes.



I’m not asking so much from the world

I’m not asking for fair or for good.

I’m just asking for new and unused

An experience that leaves me unbruised.

Life is damn hard, this I know

And the reason for this is the growth,

But if you cut too much from the tree

It won’t have energy left for the leaves

And without them, the tree it can’t feed,

It can’t grow, it can’t heal, it can’t breath.



Dormant in seeming

Inside I’m teeming

Waiting for time to erupt

Unearthly volcanic

And given to panic

The timing is always abrupt

So walk with intention

Of explosive prevention

My will is about to give up


About Keats

Oh I'm sassy and I'm sexy, So silly sweet-and-sour Delightfully disastrous And deliciously dour I'm flippantly foolish, Filled I am with fear Can't concentrate completely, and my conduct isn't clear But to bravely be my best I Bring bravado back, BEHOLD!

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