And this is the straw that broke my back
This is not an attack
I won’t hit back
And this is the straw that twisted my spine
But don’t ever you mind
I’ll always be fine
And this is the rope you’re hung upon
That you swung upon
Twas much too long
And this is how I fare-thee-well,
I’ll see you in hell,
Where all good devils must dwell

(it’s about cunnilingus)


Trace your name on my inner thigh,

Taste it again when you breathe my sigh,

Take a deep breath, Before you take a dive

You’ll be lucky if I ever let you out alive



Time stands still between two bodies

Four lungs that breathe as one

On quest to end the longing of being lonely

To fuse one’s existence to another’s

If only for a moment


Time stands still between two bodies

The aching air hung heavy

Across vast spans of distance

Lightning poised to strike

Only in this moment


Time stands still between two bodies

Swum to sea, and stood to land

Liminal in nature

And only at that moment

Times stands still



I don’t need a self proclaimed white knight

I’m pretty sure I can fight my own damn fight

You may find me in distress

But I am nobodies princess

And I’m not gonna swallow the remedy that you’re hawking

Rancid snake oil with a side of gentle stalking






My heart is

Band-aids, bruises, gasoline

Spilled on hands and picked from knees

It’s nothing but a mystery

Why you would wish to take from me

What I have deigned to throw away

It’s my trash still, I have a say

So I’d invite your dirty paws

To disengage inserted claws

Before I aim this tongue at you

And let the venom out and through

A bullet is too good, it’s true

Too fast, and much too final


Edge your bets


A symphony of silence, a space inside my head. That quiet I can go to, when I can’t quite catch my breath. I’m not looking for an answer, I have them all right here, The querie`s in the questing, in the bated breath of fear, and baiting fear, & playing it, to trail along the edge, a feinted scare of falling, to turn and jump instead.

Teach me apathy


Fuck it. So I can’t do you, so I guess I’ll do me. If I have to tell the truth, I’m far easier to please. You’re a Gordian knot of what the fuck to do next, And why should I string along when I’ve got scissors instead.  Just one tiny thing-Can’t get you out of my head. See I’m not used dealing with a person complex, one who leaves me guessing over what’s to come next. And you’re a little scary, and I like that a lot. I also like the fact you break every rule that I’ve got.  And you break misconceptions with your dichotomy, an iron cold heart worn right on your sleeve. See I’ve been living life for the people I please, and you only please yourself which is different to me. It’s not that you’re that great, I just want to emulate that blatant disregard for the shit on life’s plate. See you’re not satisfied, just to eat shit & die, you’d rather go out hungry, with two fingers to fly. But that “take me or leave me” look just looks like a suit to me. And I never see you in anything which fits you properly. Which is why I want you naked, all alone in a bed. Because that alone’s the only time you let me into your head.